Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another trip to the salon.

Yesterday K got her hair cut. When we left the salon it looked really cute the way it was styled. However, as the day wore on it was quite odd looking how they left the back about an inch or more longer than the front. So we decided to go back today and have it fixed.

Wow!! We like this so much better!! It is now even all the way around. She looks so cute with it short like this.

We also went shopping after the hair cuts yesterday. K found this shirt and had to have it. Well actually she found 4 shirts that she "had to have", but since we were looking for long sleeved shirts and they were all short sleeved she got to pick just one. This is the one she picked. It is a cute shirt and the chocolate brown near the face really compliments her, but my question is, "What do poor little butterflies have to do with being a MAJOR BRAT?"

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