Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun Day!!

A really loved this stuffed giraffe that we found at the Grand Opening of a new store we visited today. She wanted to take it home!!

A is still terrified of large animals, although I was able to get her to sit on the little pony as long as K was right there beside her. The pony was not allowed to move while she was on it. But there was a pony that she did want to ride.
See the photo below.

This is it. The only pony that A would ride. She was very happy on this one. LOL

The girls had great fun getting their faces painted. A was very curious about what Joy the Clown was doing. She asked many questions about the paint and how she was putting it on K's face. She finally agreed to let Joy paint her face.
A met another clown the other night at our church's fall festival. A walked up to the clown (one of the ladies from our church) and stood there studying her. The clown said "hello" to A, and A said "hello" back. The clown asked A if she would shake her hand. A looked at her and said "No, you are a clown!" and walked away. We are all scratching our heads trying to figure out why we are not supposed to shake hands with a clown.


Michelle said...

Very sweet pictures!! All 4 of my kids were afraid of clowns....I guess it is pretty common. Looks like the girls had lots of fun!

Kristin said...

Very fun day! My girls were not fond of the pony rides at a party recently so I totally understand it!

Marla said...

They look very cute dressed in their pink costumes.