Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tagged Again!!!

1. I got tagged again!! I must admit that when Rachel notified me that she tagged me I was not as excited about it as I was the first time. It takes me a while to really think about what to share. But, I do want to thank Rachel for thinking of me. I just hope I don't get tagged again for a while. LOL

2. I saw on someone's blog that they enlisted the help of their children to pick out 7 weird or random things, so I did the same.

C thinks that it is weird that I wear a size 10 shoe. I am sorry, but I need a good foundation for this 5 foot 8 inch body. I know, I know I have BIG FEET!! Thanks for noticing C.

J thinks it is weird that I am the only one in the family who has curly hair. Now this is a good one. I never really stop to think about it, but it is true. Everyone else has straight hair.

K thinks that I have fat fingers. WHAT??? I know my fingers are a little pudgy, but come on! Fat Fingers?? What do you think? I hate to point this out to K but she is going to have fingers just like me when she is older!!!

Kurt even got in on this and reminded me about the weirdest thing of all. I grew up eating french toast (keep in mind it was just bread and egg) with ketchup on it. Yes, you read that right. It has been years since I ate it that way. Now we make it with cinnamon and put syrup on it. I also ate jelly on pancakes when I was growing up. Most of you out there would probably think that was weird too.

Now that you know all the weird stuff about me, I will mention a few random things. I love to read. I hated to read when I was growing up. I would actually cheat on my book reports and only read a few pages--enough to write the report and that was it. Now, I probably have about 500 books in the house.

I like to knit. I just learned how to knit about 5 years ago and have enjoyed this hobby. But, I only knit scarves and dishcloths. I haven't had the courage to do a large project. I would also like to learn to crotchet.

I currently am coaching my son's basketball team. I am greatly enjoying it. I hope he is too!!

3. To tag 7 others.

Well this is going to take awhile, I don't want to tag the same people I tagged last week. So let's see. . .

I know. . .I will cheat a little. I tag all those who are my followers (except Traci and Amy, who I tagged the first time around.)

4. So, if you follow this blog--consider yourself tagged!!!


Michelle said...

That was a great idea...asking your kids help...I think I would be afraid to ask mine! lol!

Great learning more about ya!

Regina said...

I hope you realize that this means I am tagging you. LOL
I can't wait to learn more about you!!