Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Words I never thought would be spoken to me. (Funny)

"Mom, stop sniffing Michael Phelps!!"

These were actual words spoken by my son.

I bought a People magazine yesterday. I just couldn't resist their opinion of the Sexiest Man Alive!!! I know that they misplaced my husband's picture and had to replace it with Hugh Jackman's. But anyway, they had a few pages in the magazine with pictures of men with a rub and sniff spot to smell the cologne that they wear. At first I thought this was strange. Why would they put this in their magazine?

But. . . I soon decided to play along.
Didn't like the first one,
didn't like the second one,
didn't like the third one. . .
then I came to Michael.
I really liked his cologne!! I couldn't stop sniffing it!! I may actually have to buy my Sexiest Man Alive some for Christmas.

BTW: Did I mention that you had to sniff Michael's bare chest?!? My husband refused to sniff it to see if he liked the scent. LOL

By request, the scent is: L'Homme YSL


Kristi said...

I almost snorted coffee out my nose when I read the title of this post! Glad it had a reasonable explanation! I may have to pick up an issue and pick my dear hubby a cologne for Christmas...

Marla said...

Oh my, too funny! By the way, what is the cologne? In case I dont want to sniff Michael Phelps. :o)

Carla said...

Oh too funny!