Monday, December 29, 2008

3's About Me

3's ABOUT ME!! (I was tagged for this one in an email and thought that I would post my answers here.)

Three places I have lived: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri
Three shows that I watch: Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Cold Case, Eleventh Hour
Three places I have been: Mount Rushmore, Disney World, China
Three places I have been this week: Church, the Mall, the bank.

Three people who e-mail me regularly: Barbi, Jodie, Penny
Three of my favorite foods: one hot, one cold and one tasty: Peppermint Mocha Twist from Starbuck's (I know this is really not a food, but it is my favorite!!), Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, Chinese Food
Three places I'd rather be right now? Visiting family, visiting friends, anywhere but home.
Three people I think will respond? Denise, Marla, and Monica
Three things I look forward to this year: Reaching my weight loss goal, A starting Kindergarten, C starting high school (Oh, maybe on second thought, I don’t think I am looking forward to that, LOL)

Feel free to play along if you want to share a little bit about yourself!!!


Marla said...

love your answers, I hope mine aren't to boring. :o)

Kristin said...

Oh, I've lived in PA and GA too! How funny.

And having kids in high school isn't that bad. I like them being grown up. But maybe that's just me!