Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad Day, Good Day

Today did not start out well. At about 6:30 this morning I was awaken to the sound of my dog being sick. I got up, went to the living room and turned on the light to find about seven spots on the carpet that the dog either peed, pooped, or threw up. GROSS! What a way to start the day!!
The day will get better though. K has her dress rehearsal for her dance recital today. The recital is Sunday. I have always loved watching K dance. She took last year off from dancing and before that she took Jazz and Ballet. This year she decided to take Lyrical and I absolutely love watching her. Lyrical is such a beautiful style of dance.
I will post pictures soon. Maybe even a video.


Holly said...

See you at rehearsal! Halle's in ballet. She took the homeschool lyrical class and they did their recital at PWOC last Tuesday.

Denise said...

Nothing like waking up to the sound of a barfing dog. I got that special little treat about a month ago. My sympathies...