Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out with the old. . .

And, you guessed it, MORE Clothes!!

Typically when you clean closets you take the old out and get rid of it in some fashion. Well that is only a little bit true for me. Katie has some clothes that I am able to pass on to others but I will keep some of them for Amilynn for the years to come. So that creates a storage problem. It will be several years before Amilynn will be able to wear them.
Then we get to Amilynn. I have been so blessed to receive clothes another little girl we know has outgrown. So Amilynn has ALOT of clothes. And to add to the problem, Amilynn is not outgrowing her clothes as fast as Katie did. So all I do is transfer the winter clothes to the closet so I have them for next year.
I am trying to look at this as a good thing, and I know that it is. I am very blessed to have so much for Amilynn and I AM thankful. On the other side of that, we are running out of places to put it all!!!!


Holly said...

Maybe you need another girl?
Just an idea :) I'm always one to help ;)

Kristin said...

I have been lucky so far that my girls wear the same size. So not so much to store! But that time will be ending soon, I fear.
Good luck!