Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still here. . .

in blogland and in NC. Kurt has been working at his new job in South Dakota since May. We were hoping to have our house her in NC sold and moved this summer so that we could be settled in before school started. But with the housing market being what it is, that just didn't happen. : (
We have had very few people come look at our home. Most people want new construction. Can't they see the potential our home has? It is a great house, in a quiet neighborhood, on a cul-de-sac, with great neighbors. What more could one ask for??? Whatever it is, apparently it is not our house.
I just thought I would let anyone out there that would stumble upon my little blog know that I am still around and waiting for the day that we are moved and settled. My goal is to update my blog every day to let everyone know how we are adjusting to SD and all it has to offer.

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Holly said...

oh my gosh girl! I had no idea you were still here! I thought you'd left the house behind and that hubby was deployed (as a contractor)
BIG hugs!!