Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update and Hopes for the New Year

Cinnamon wanted to be my present.
Katie reading from the Bible Christmas morning.
The girls Christmas morning, waiting to open gifts.

Well, we are still in NC. We have not sold our house, we have not moved to South Dakota, Kurt is still staying with extended family while working his new job. There are many blessings to be thankful for in this situation. However, being separated from your spouse for an extended period of time and feeling like your life has been put on hold is very difficult. It seems like I say "when we get moved" more and more.

Kurt did make it home for Christmas. I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together.

And on December 26th---We got snow!!! We actually got a lot of snow for this area, about 7 inches. The children had fun going out and playing in it. Kurt was teased about bringing the snow with him from South Dakota.

I am praying that our home here will sell quickly and we are able to get moved. I am ready to start the next chapter of our lives. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!!!


Lisa said...

So glad you were blessed with a white Christmas

RamblingMother said...

lovely snowy pictures. praying this year will be the year you have positive change like selling your house!