Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 12 in South Dakota

Today started with Katie running in our room to tell us that there were 5 very large, very strange looking birds in the back yard. They were wild turkeys. They ran away, came back a little later, ran away again, came back a second time, then ran away and came back again. They look so strange when they run. It was quite funny to watch them. This brings our wildlife sightings to: two rabbits, a herd of white tail deer, many different kinds of birds, horses, and the wild turkeys.
This afternoon we went to Kurt's niece's birthday party. It was nice getting together with family. The girls were invited to spend the night with their cousins. I got to see our new niece. We have missed out on so many years with the older two girls. But I am thankful that we will be living here now and our relationship with Kurt's family will be closer.
It has been a great day.

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