Monday, March 7, 2011

Report Card for Day Three of Travel

Today we left Iowa, traveled through some of Minnesota and across most of South Dakota.
The grades for today are as follows:
Stopping early yesterday seemed to do the trick. We all had a break from traveling and were much better today.
The animals are catching on. They were so good today. I think it might have taken them 10 minutes to calm down.
Another day of no breakdowns or accidents!! A slight issue with the windshield washer fluid freezing, but all in all not a bad day at all.
Traffic? What's that? We were lucky if we were not the only vehicles on the road, coming or going.
Lot's of snow on the ground. Some on the road in spots. Cold, cold, cold.
This one is definitely closer in grade to the one last night. Just not quite as nice.
I think today was actually a better travel day than yesterday. Tomorrow we will reach our destination. Get settled into our temporary home and as soon as it warms up a few degrees (it is 6 degrees outside right now) we will be exploring.


Katie said...
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Paula said...

6 degrees! That is down right frigid! Glad that, although it is a long trip, the trip is going well. Hope the last leg of the journey goes as well. Be safe!

Deborah said...

So glad to read your trip has gone well.Pleased that all of you have fared so well. Boy its cold there! Take care and bundle up. Love Deb
PS Dad is doing better not as weak or short of breath! Still haven`t tried the stairs...