Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 60 in South Dakota=Not so good trip to the DMV

This morning Kurt and I went to the DMV to get our South Dakota Driver's License. C also went so that he could get his permit. Kurt was not allowed to get his because he did not have the proper copy of his birth certificate.  : (
Most people have trouble spelling our last name. The gentleman who was helping us did not spell it right. When I kindly let him know (I am used to it being misspelled, I was not ugly about it) he got really mean with me about me not knowing how to do his job and not to worry about it. He went on to say that if he makes mistakes he always catches them and corrects them. Well he didn't catch the mistake even after my mentioning it. When he asked me to sign the signature pad it was still wrong, so I kindly asked him if I was supposed to sign even if the last name was still misspelled. He got very mean with me because he didn't know what I was talking about. When I explained the error he blamed it on my NC license having so many decals on it that he couldn't see the name. And again told me that I don't know anything about his job and he would have caught the mistake in time. OKAY. . . how long was I supposed to give him to catch the mistake. Jeeeesh, I wasn't telling him how to do his job, I was telling him how to spell my name. Anyway, I was very happy when we were finished and were able to leave. He was the first mean person I have encountered since I got here to South Dakota.

I have mentioned to my husband more than once that I would love one of those fruit bouquets. I think they look so yummy. He looked into it and found out that they could not be delivered here. : (
So I was super surprised when he found a local store that makes them and brought this home for me tonight for an early Mother's Day gift.

The only thing that it is missing is pineapple. But it is very delicious and was such a sweet surprise.
We decided to go to dinner tonight for our Mother's Day dinner out instead of waiting until Sunday when the restaurants will be so packed. I always love eating out (no cooking or clean-up!!!!).
So even though today started out rough, it ended great!!! I pray all Mother's have a blessed weekend!!

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