Sunday, July 17, 2011

Days 127 - 130 in South Dakota

Oh my, I have not posted in way too many days. Let's see if I can even remember that far back.
Tuesday was a typical busy day of running around taking C to work, A to gymnastics and picking up my nieces and nephew for the night. We also met with our realtor to prepare an offer on the house we took the children to see yesterday.
Wednesday I took the kids to Keystone. My nieces wanted to go back to the taffy store to get more taffy so they could share some with their parents. It was a nice drive.
Thursday we met with a man at the bank to see about our house loan. We also got an acceptance on the third offer we made on the house. It has been 129 days that we have all been in South Dakota together and we finally have a house of our own picked out. It well be a little while until we can close, but we are very happy.
Friday was finally a day that I could relax a bit after a busy week.

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