Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Weight Loss Update!!

For more complete information visit my original post A moment to get personal. . .a heavy topic. from June.
I have had a good couple of weeks!! Other than re-injuring my knee and getting a TERRIBLE cold. I guess you can't have it all. LOL.
But seriously, I am back on track trying to watch my calories and everything is going great. I have only 8 pounds to loose to make my first goal and I have until November 14th to do it. Then on to my second goal of another 5o pounds by my next birthday. I can't wait to post an updated picture 8 pounds from now!!!

9/8/2008 lost 3 pounds Total lost 44 pounds
9/1/2008 lost 3 pounds Total lost 41 pounds
8/25/2008 lost 2 pounds Total lost 38 pounds
8/18/2008 lost 0 pounds Total lost 36 pounds
8/11/2008 lost 0 pounds Total lost 36 pounds

4/28/2008 lost 3 pounds Total lost: 16 pounds
4/21/2008 lost 3 pounds Total lost: 13 pounds
4/14/2008 lost 4 pounds Total lost: 10 pounds
4/7/2008 lost 6 pounds Total lost: 6 pounds
4/1/2008 Starting weight

1 comment:

Jill and Rick said...

Wow! 44 pounds! That is awesome!

YAY! I really need to get re-motivated and maybe your progress will help.

Jill in Missouri