Friday, September 5, 2008

Autumn's First Leaf

Katie decided to read A this book yesterday for two reasons.
1. A's letter for the week is A. (Autumn)
2. A's number for the week is 1. (First)
Not to mention the book looked cute. Once Katie read the title and said why she thought that it was appropriate I felt that this was a good time to give A some insight into her middle name.
Qiu. Qiu was the middle name she was given in China. The one part of her Chinese name that we kept for her. (Remember, her nickname while in China was Qiu-Qiu, pronounced Choo-Choo) Qiu means Autumn. A liked talking about her middle name and its meaning even if she was not quite sure what Autumn really is and she enjoyed having big sis read this book to her.

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