Friday, September 5, 2008

Our First Week of Full Lessons--Whew!!

WOW!! What a week I have had!! Starting with last Friday I re-injured my knee and was in a lot of pain Friday night. Saturday I was limping because of the pain and ended up being in even more pain Sunday. Because of the limping I ended up having extreme pain in my hips, back and leg muscles. Even so, I still had to make sure all the children's lesson plans were done for this week and come up with a schedule so that I could give each of the children the attention they need for each subject. (Remember--I started the children on Math, Reading and English in August and everything else was added this month.)

On Sunday I came down with the worst cold I have had in years. I have had a terrible week!! I still sound like a bullfrog when I try to talk and end up in a terrible coughing spell. So to say that we had a smooth first week would be a slight exaggeration. LOL

The children have had a pretty good week even without a lot of hand's on from Mommy, which is a silver lining. Thank goodness the beginning of the year is usually review and not completely new material. They needed very little instruction from me. I do feel a little bit bad for A though as she was so excited to start lessons and ended up only getting about half of what I had planned for her. O-Well. She will get more than enough when I am fully recovered.

Even with a week like this it is still a great joy to be able to teach my children!!

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