Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saving money!!

We like to drink soda in our house. We usually go for Diet Coke or Coke Zero, however we will also drink Diet Pepsi or Pepsi One. I have noticed the prices of these products have been getting out of hand. I remember not too long ago you could get a 12 pack of soda for about $2.50. Now your lucky if you can find it for under $4.00. I can't stand paying that much for soda.

Today the commissary was having a Case Lot Sale. I debated with myself whether or not I would even go. I hate going to these sales because they are usually crowded and you stand in line FOREVER!! But after much debate I decided to go. I even talked C into going with me. We got there and to our surprise there wasn't much of a line to start walking through the big tent with stacks and stacks of items for sale. The first thing we saw was soda. Stacks and stacks of soda. There were Coke products, Pepsi products and even Cheerwine (those of you from the south may know what that is, it is one of C's favorites!!). And guess what? They were on SALE!! You could get a 12 pack of soda for only. . . $2.25. Needless to say I stocked up!! We have enough soda in the garage to get us through the summer and then some.

The next item I was quite thrilled to find was Hi-C drink boxes. My girls love these and I would much rather give them a drink box or water than soda. They were on sale by the case (40 drink boxes per case) for only $5.00. Lately a pack of 10 drink boxes would be about $2.00. So I figured that this was a pretty good deal.

I also bought cases of water (24 ct.) for only $3.00. With all the ball games we will be going to in the next couple of months and how expensive concession stands can be, I think it was well worth the money that I spent to save the amount that I have already saved, plus what I will save when we take our own drinks to all those games.

I love saving money!!!

By the way, remember those long lines that I was complaining, oops I mean talking about? Those came at the end. We stood waiting to check out for about an hour. Fun times!!


Marla said...

Saving money these days is hard and it sounds like you hit the jackpot!

Kristin said...

Wow!!! I need to check into our commissary sales. I have never been...not very convenient....but I will for those prices. :-)

Doug and Terrye said...

An hour? Seriously? Wow! But now you can enjoy the spoils of your labor...and I'm heading over to share a diet coke with ya ;)

Terrye in FL

Regina said...

Come on over!! I would love to share a diet coke with you!! And I am sure the girls would love to play and get to know each other. We are probably only like what 10 or 12 hours from each other. LOL

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