Monday, May 4, 2009


Yes, Snickers is the name of a yummy candy bar. . .but it is also the name of our new kitten!!!

For a few weeks now I have been asking Kurt if we could get a new pet. We already have a dog, cat, and gerbil, but I really wanted to get the kids a kitten. I was teasing Kurt that he would come home from work one day to a new kitten. But seriously, how mad could he be at me if I really did it? So I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how mad he would be if I brought a kitten home. He said 10. I figured that was that, no kitten for us. I just couldn't live with deliberately making my husband that mad.

Well Friday evening Kurt told the children that he was going to get me a kitten for Mother's Day. So on Saturday I called about an ad in the paper for free kittens. We got a female because Garfield is male and we didn't want too much conflict between the two of them. She is so cute!! All the children love her (C doesn't pay too much attention to her, he is pretty loyal to Garfield). Even Jake (the dog) doesn't mind her. Now Garfield is another story. He hisses and growls at even the scent of her on one of us. He is very, very slowly coming around. He will come in the same room with her but he keeps a good distance from her and just watches her. I am hoping he will come around soon. I try to give him lots of attention, even though when I pick him up he sounds like a tiger about to attack me.


Doug and Terrye said...

Those eyes!!! And oh so fluffy :)

Terrye in FL

Marla said...

Well snickers is just the cutest! I hope Garfield comes around soon.