Monday, November 9, 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman at Women of Faith

I am in love with Steven Curtis Chapman, don't tell my husband. LOL
Just kidding!!! What I do love about SCC is his faith in God, his love for his family, his honesty, his heart for orphans and, of course, his talent. I originally signed up to attend the WOF Conference because SCC was scheduled to be there.
Steven sang his song "Heaven is The Face". Oh, how beautifully sad this song is. His honesty about how he longs for little Maria is inspiring. He can glorify our God and give Him praise even in his grief. Of course most of the women in the coliseum were in tears as he sang about his precious Maria. He also sang "When Love Takes You In" and "Cinderella". Honestly I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. He changed the last line of Cinderella. I don't remember the exact line but it was something like "and I know the dance will go on".

The first time I saw SCC in concert was the spring of 2005. What he did for Kurt and I at that concert he will probably never know. He gave us hope. Hope that we might grow our family through adoption one day. You see, we always stopped at the "thinking about it stage" because of our finances. We didn't think that we would ever be able to afford it, so we never did anything about it. Living on Kurt's military pay, because my entire paycheck went back to the private christian school our three children were attending, did not provide for a large savings account. When we found out about Show Hope (then Shohanna's Hope) we had hope that if we put our trust in our Lord Father and watched our spending, saved where we could, and applied for every grant we qualified for that we might be able to grow our family through international adoption.
The funny thing is we applied for about 8-10 different grants. At that point in time we felt like we just couldn't complete our adoption without some financial help. But God proved that He is bigger than we are and if we stay faithful and do our part He will bless us. We didn't receive any of the grants, that's right, NO grant money. But through saving when we could, income tax refunds, a candle fundraiser, some donations from family members and donations from an awesome church family we had everything that we needed when we needed it. We did have to put our international flight expenses on a credit card, but that has long since been paid off.
Our life has been forever changed because we went to a SCC concert back in 2005 and allowed God to open our hearts to international adoption.

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Kurt said...

I love you and our family. You are a true blessing to me.