Saturday, December 26, 2009

World Vision Child Sponsorship

This post is a little late coming. In November I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Women of Faith Conference. It was so much fun. I had a really good time. One of the things they were doing at this conference was asking for people to sponsor a child through World Vision.
World Vision doesn't just help the child you are sponsoring, they also help your child's community. They help provide the community with access to clean water and medical care, immunizations, annual checkups, new schools and scholarships. In addition they provide training in literacy, agriculture and cattle breeding to help parents increase production and income.
After a quick call to Kurt to see if we could commit to the monthly donation, I went to the tables to look through the stacks and stacks of photos and information. I was a little overwhelmed by the number of children who need sponsorship. I felt very small. I wanted to be able to help them all but I knew that I needed to trust in God to provide a sponsor for each child. I needed to be content doing what I could do and not worrying about what I couldn't do.
Since I have a connection to China, I asked for a child from China and amazingly enough they only had one child left to be sponsored.
So we are now proudly sponsoring a 9 year old boy from the Ningxia Province of China. He lives with his parents, one sister, and one brother. His father and mother are farmers. It is difficult for them to meet their family's needs. I pray that the few dollars a month that I send can in some way enrich their lives.
We have already received a letter from our sponsored child. It was so nice to open it and read the words of this small child half a world away. I pray that the Lord blesses him and his family.

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Marla said...

What a awesome gift! There is so much good in the world, its good to hear stories like this. Looks like your family had a great Christmas! Happy New Year.