Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I guess she is ours. . . another cat that is.

As you can see by the pics on my sidebar we have enough pets. One dog and two cats. But with so many animal lovers in the house I guess the little stray kitty that showed up knew she was in the right place. 
We started feeding her and knew that she was taken care of once because she was very affectionate, however she had not been cared for in some time. Her fur was kind of scruffy and she was pretty thin. Then when the weather got a little bit colder we started putting her in the garage at night. She only took a couple of nights to realize that this was a pretty good deal. She didn't have to worry about food, water, or other animals. 

Then we eased her into the house during the day. Now she is ours!!! How do I know this you ask? Because we are taking her in tomorrow to be spayed and declawed. I would certainly not put this much money into an animal I was not going to keep, so there you have it. We now have three cats! 
She looks so much nicer now that we have fattened her up. LOL

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cxjcarey said...

Hope she's getting along w/ the other cats okay. We took in a great stray this fall but have to find another home for him b/c he & our original cat just don't get along, even after 4 months of trying. Very sad. Hope you have a happy ending!