Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 14 in South Dakota

This morning the wild turkeys were back. I had the back door open and we could hear the noises they were making. It was just as funny as watching them run.
Today was quite a day. I got up this morning and the plan was to finish school work then go to get the girls and my hair cut. I was also getting mine colored. Boy, did it need it. ; ) I started not feeling well about 10:00 but by about 2:00 I was feeling better so off we went to find a new place to get our hair done. I did not realize how many places do hair by appointment only. We drove by a few places that didn't look very nice. We went into about 4-5 different places that said they were all booked for the afternoon. I really wanted to get this done today. We finally found a very nice little place that had just had a cancellation so they squeezed us in. I think it is great that so many other places were booked because we really like this little shop that we found. The lady did a great job.
We rushed home to get A changed and ready for gymnastics. A had fun at gymnastics. She did very well. After gymnastics we had dinner, then decided to finish our dominoes game. It takes us about 3 nights to finish a "game" of dominoes. I was winning most of the way through then it came down to the last round. The score was very close. It came down to me and K. K won by 1 point!!! I couldn't believe it. She beat me. Oh well, it was lots of fun, even if I didn't win.

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