Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 15 in South Dakota

Well, today didn't go quite how I would have liked it to go. I went to the doctor for my knees. I was seeking a referral to orthopedics and rheumatology. I had referrals for these in NC, but now that we moved I was hoping to get in with some new doctors and see if they had any other things to recommend. I didn't get the referral for orthopedics. I didn't get the referral to rheumatology. I did, however, get a referral to physical therapy.
This makes me very nervous. I feel like my knees have gotten so much worse than a year ago when I did physical therapy last. I am not looking forward to this to say the least.

Tonight A asked me if she was skinny or fat. I told her that she was skinny. Then she asked me if I was fat. OH BOY! Thanks!! I said, yes, I am fat. Then she told me that she liked me just the way God made me. Oh, I wish I could blame this on anyone else except me. But I said to her that God didn't do this to me, I did this all by myself. Then she asked me if I looked like this when I got married. I told her no. I was much skinnier when I got married. Then she had the nerve to say said to me. . . Ahhhh, I wondered how daddy got the ring on your finger. The joy of having children!!!

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