Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2 in South Dakota

I must say I was beginning to wonder about my memory. Thinking of when we came here a year and a half ago I remember the beauty of the area. But, I must say after four days of traveling and barely seeing the sun through the haze I was beginning to wonder. Then today we woke up and the haze was gone. The beauty was back. The sun shining, the sky was blue and there were the most beautiful fluffy clouds. We could see the horizon and it was wonderful.
Kurt and I went out to the commissary. We were there for a little bit shopping then went to get in line. There were two cashiers working. If you know anything about the commissary at Fort Bragg you know that they have at least 10 cashiers working and the lines are still long. Even with only two cashiers I waited in line a fraction of the time I would have there. It was quite nice actually.
Then in the late afternoon I took the girls out to visit the places that offer gymnastics and dance. A can start gymnastics right away, but K has to wait until the summer session. While we were driving K noticed the view from the road we were on. It really was something. We will have to get some pictures taken, I just hope they do justice to the beauty of seeing it firsthand.
Today was almost 40 degrees and with the sun shining it was nice enough to melt quite a bit of the snow.
Temperature here right now . . . 32 degrees.
Temperature in Hope Mills . . . 63 degrees.

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