Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3 in South Dakota

Today was another beautiful day. The sun was shining and the snow is melting. The girls spent quite a bit of time outside today. They loved it.
I stopped by the school board building this morning to fill out a request to home school the children. I figure we will finish home schooling this school year and decide later what we will do next year. Each state has their own rules for home schooling. It is quite interesting how much the rules vary. Some states are so much more accepting of home schooling.
The boys rode around with me for a while this morning. We stopped by the DMV to see what we need to do about getting C a permit for SD. The only thing that will be a problem is that we have to have two items for proof of address. We will work it out. Prayerfully our house in NC will sell soon and we will find a permanent home.
Temperature here right now. . . 46 degrees.
Temperature in NC right now. . . 50 degrees.

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Holly said...

I am sad that you aren't here...missed you at the CNY celebration with the other GIFT families, but so happy you are finally reunited with your hubby again. That was way too long.
Surely the house will sell soon!
It is a beautiful home.