Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 20 in South Dakota

Today was a great day!!
This morning we had church. I am really liking my new church. I just wish that I could make some friends that would carry over outside of church. I know, it will take time.
Then C got a haircut!! Most of you may say, "Big deal, your kid got a haircut." But let me tell you my husband and I were so thrilled we could have cheered. C's hair had gotten a little too long. He was keeping it clean, so it was not a battle we chose to fight. We would just mention here and there that it would be nice. So today HE decided to get it cut. YAY!!
Finally this afternoon Kurt's family came over for dinner. We were only missing his cousin's family. It was nice to have everyone here together. I have waited so long to be able to host a family dinner. Granted we are not in our permanent home, so I don't know how many more dinners we will have here at this house, but it was still wonderful.
Kurt and I were talking today about family. I love my family, but there are certain memories I have of growing up that are less than wonderful. A lot of what we talked about today were the not-so-good memories I have. It made me cry (yeah, I know, big surprise) to think about the relationships I have with certain members of my family. Even though it was not always good, it has made me the person I am today, so I guess I wouldn't change it. But all of this has made me so appreciative of Kurt's family. I truly enjoy spending time with them. Of course, I would love to live closer to my family as well and have the dinners and things with them too, but that is just not an option right now. So for now, I am so thankful to be here with Kurt's family.

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