Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 21 in South Dakota

I am actually a little late in posting about yesterday. I was not feeling well last night and the time got away from me. It happens. : )
Today was pretty cold. At one point we had huge fluffy snowflakes falling. It looked like there were pieces of cotton falling from the sky they were that big.
I took C to the mall to collect some applications. He was pretty  motivated today and we had a good time. Even with my Garmin messing up and the possibility that I would actually get lost. One of my fears in life. I hate being out and about and not knowing where I am.
Then A had gymnastics. She is doing very well. I really loved her gym in NC, but I am also loving the differences in this gym. It is smaller here, but it is so much less crowded. I think A really likes that too. I think she feels like there is less chaos and noise to deal with. She is more focused and is having a great time.
After gymnastics the girls and I met up with Kurt and J at the mall. They had dropped C off at the church and decided to go to the mall and walk around. This is something we avoided like the plague in NC. We hated really did not like going to the mall in NC. It was just so crowded all the time. So for me to say that I was at the mall twice in the same day is something. I was lucky if I went to the mall twice a year before.
After the mall I went to Micheal's. I was looking for more yarn so that I could make K's blanket a little bigger. It is more like a lapghan right now.  I wanted it to make it longer. They did not have the right color. First big disappointment here, no AC Moore with it's large variety of yarn. : ( There are a couple of small yarn stores that I may call today to see if they have it.

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Cricket said...

Hi Regina,
Love your blog! Glad you are enjoying your new location!!!