Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 5 in South Dakota

Has it really only been 5 days? It seems like we have been here forever.
This morning was nice, the girls and I had breakfast then went for a nice walk. We went much farther today because we were not worried about it getting dark. Then we played Littlest Pet Shop. We even had Kurt playing with us. ; )
After lunch we went over to the neighbor's house to see their horses again. This time we were able to feed the horses treats and go right inside the fence with them. All started out great, then A got freaked out by the size of the horses and the fact that all four of them were in very close proximity to her. I don't blame her, she is quite small compared to the horses. Then some neighbor dogs came over to say hello. They were quite jumpy which was not really appreciated since it was pretty muddy out.
Now that we have had dinner it is quiet time. Not really looking forward to loosing an hour tonight. I think I might have finally gotten used to the time change. We are now in the Mountain Time Zone. We were in the Eastern Time Zone so it is a two hour difference. I am sure that I will wake up tired in the morning and I am so excited about trying our new church tomorrow that I don't want the time change to mess with me.
It has been another peaceful, quiet day. Thank you, Lord, for allowing my family to be together again.

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