Sunday, March 6, 2011

Report Card for Day One of Travel

We left North Carolina and traveled through Virginia and West Virginia and stopped for the night in Ohio.
So the grades are as follows:
Three of the children rode with me and one rode with Kurt. The best purchase we have made in a long time was the portable DVD players that we bought for the trip. I could not have asked for more from the children. They even helped with the animals when asked. They did great!!
The first 45 minutes of the trip were chaotic to say the least. J expressed that he would rather walk to South Dakota than ride with the cats. Jake did great but the cats were very curious and stressed about being in the van. But after about 45 minutes they calmed down and were purr-fect the rest of the way. ; )
No breakdowns!! No accidents (inside or out). Considering that I am a nervous driver and had three children, one dog and three cats in the van with me I think that is pretty good!!
Hardly any traffic. Great day to travel.
Started out wonderful. Overcast enough that no one was complaining about the sun being in their eyes. Then the rain started. Not good for a nervous driver like me.
It was old and not very clean. Even the non-smoking rooms reeked of smoke. Didn't feel all that safe. The boy's room was not even in the same building as mine. The only reason it wasn't an F was that it did in fact allow pets. It didn't even have internet service so I could write this post. : (
My Garmin (GPS)--C
It did pretty good except taking us on Hwy 73 (in Ohio I think). Praise God it stopped raining on this stretch of road. It twisted and turned and was up and down, it was rough. I would have been going about 20 MPH if it would have been raining. : (
So overall we had an awesome first day of traveling. Praise God for such a pleasant way to start this journey.

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Kristin said...

Continued safe travels as you venture to your new home!!