Sunday, March 6, 2011

Report Card for Day Two of Travel

Today we left Ohio and traveled through Kentucky (for just a few minutes), Indiana, Illinois, and stopped in Iowa.
The grades for today are as follows:
I think they are getting tired traveling already. Today was not as good as yesterday. At this rate they will have a D by the time we get to our destination. We stopped earlier today to allow more down time. Prayerfully this will make for a better day tomorrow.
The animals are definitely getting tired of traveling. They were anxious all morning while driving and finally settled down after lunch. Snickers is one LOUD cat. Oh my goodness. If I had had a tranquilizer gun with me she would have been in trouble. (Our vet told us to dose the cats with Benedryl, but they are too smart to eat the pill no matter what I do with it and they either throw up the liquid or basically foam at the mouth until they get the taste out of their mouths.) So not the best day for the animals either.
Another day of no breakdowns or accidents!!
Hardly any traffic today. The only traffic we encountered was when we came into Iowa. But even then it wasn't bad. Another good day to travel.
Was overcast all day, but it didn't rain. So that is a good thing for me. The sun even poked through the clouds once or twice, but not for long. We actually saw our first little bit of snow in Indiana. Illinois also had just a bit of snow. Iowa had patches of snow here and there but nothing significant. So overall the children were not impressed with the snow. We will probably see more tomorrow.
Motel--A+ (so far)
Much newer motel. Much cleaner and does not smell of smoke. Obviously has internet so I can make this blog post. I feel much safer. And for entertainment, we could look out the window and watch a herd of deer grazing. Pretty cool.
Overall, a good day of traveling, showing some signs of just wanting to get to our destination but still doing pretty well. Praise God that our second day went as well as it did and is now over.

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Deborah said...

so pleased to read you are safe and the trip is going pretty well. Think of you are the new pioneers! Love Deb