Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 110 in South Dakota=One scary storm.

Saturday started out with the boys leaving for week at CIY (Christ in Youth) in Durango, Colorado. They were driving all day Saturday, stopping in Colorado Springs for the night, getting up Sunday morning to go white water rafting before finishing their trip to Durango. I was a little nervous about them going rafting since they have never done anything like that before. I pray that everyone stays safe and that they have lots of fun. The girls, Kurt and I cleaned the house and in the afternoon the girls went to my BIL's house to spend the night with their cousins. Kurt and I took this opportunity to have a date night and went to dinner. We went to a new restaurant that just opened. It was nice, but a little pricey.
On the way home from dinner we were driving through a horrible storm. Oh, my, I have never traveled through a storm as bad as this one. Rain, hail, flooding, lightning, thunder, black sky even though it was still daytime. At one point there was such a bad flash of lightning that every light within sight went out. Streetlights, lights at businesses, traffic lights, everything out. It was scary. Then we were driving down town and it was flooding so bad that if we had to stop for any reason we probably would have been in big trouble. Thank goodness Kurt was driving. I would have been one big, huge mess if I would have had to drive through all of that.

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