Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days 111 - 113 in South Dakota

For the summer I have signed up to help in the children's department at church. Sunday was my turn to help. The lady I was helping was very prepared and had lots for the children to do so it went really well. The girls had lots of fun spending the afternoon with their cousins.
Monday was a good day. The girls and I ran some errands in the afternoon then came home. The neighbor's guest was riding one of the horses and offered to let the girls ride with her. K loved riding.

Tuesday I took A to gymnastics, then went and picked up my nieces, and finally back to pick A up. The girls had fun coloring pictures for a "raffle" they had. It amazes me the things they come up with to fill their time. : )
We are currently waiting to hear from our realtor. We had gotten word that an offer was in the works for our home in NC. Please pray with us that we get a decent offer and can finally get this house sold.

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