Sunday, June 5, 2011

Days 87 & 88 in South Dakota

Thursday was actually a bit warm with a temp of about 92. Kurt and I went looking at houses. We took K along and she kept commenting on how hot it was. I thought that it was quite a nice day. It was a little warm, but nothing like the heat and humidity of NC so I was enjoying it. We looked at about 10 or so houses. The only two houses that Kurt and I have bought were new construction. One that was finished already when we decided to buy it and one that we had built from the ground up. This time we are looking at a mixture of established homes and new construction to see what the area has to offer. Out of the homes we looked at Thursday we eliminated all but three possible choices. One older home and two new construction, but we are not completely happy with any of them. I just can't see us living in any of these homes. We do have a few more to look at on Tuesday, but these are ones that are not in our first choice of location.
Thursday evening we went out to dinner with Kurt's brother's family. Our C turned 17 yesterday and his cousin J turned 17 today so we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Not my first choice considering I am not a fan of sea food, but everyone else enjoyed it so we had a good time. It is always good when the birthday boys get embarrassed when the servers sing to them. ; )

Friday I was supposed to help my SIL with some craft things she is working on. But she got called in to work so we didn't do much. It was a quiet day and not as warm at it was Thursday. I am really loving the weather lately, since it stopped raining every day.

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