Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 144 - 147 in South Dakota = A Wedding!!!

Friday we had my SIL's wedding rehearsal. The wedding is taking place in a nearby park. During the rehearsal there was lots of sunshine and it was warm, but at least there was a very nice breeze.
Saturday was the big day. I went over to my SIL's house at 11:00. My one job for the day was to get her to the wedding on time. I was able to accomplish this task with minimal teeth baring and foot stomping. Really, I only had to be mean once. The day was very busy, but it was a beautiful wedding and I was so glad that we were all able to be here for it.
My SIL, Beth, her husband Patrick, and the girls.

Kurt, his sister, and brother.

A loves spending time with her cousin.

K loves to hold her baby cousin.
Sunday is always a good day, but it was also busy running around.
Monday I took the girls to visit the schools each of them would attend if they decide to go back to school this year. K will be in 7th grade. She is more apprehensive about going to school. She really does not like the drama of school. A is really wanting to go to school. She loves to learn and be around other kids. I know that she will do fine in 2nd grade. I will take the boys to the high school tomorrow. We will have to see how they like it.

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