Monday, August 8, 2011

Days 148 - 153 in South Dakota = School Registration

Tuesday was a busy day. I took the boys to visit the high school that they will be attending this year. Kurt met us there. Since it is the school he graduated from he was very much enjoying taking a tour. I think the boys are looking forward to going back to school. Then I picked up my nieces for the night.

Wednesday I took J to hang out at the mall with some friends. Then I took my nieces home and went to the school to register the children. I was told by all three schools that all I needed to register them was a purchase agreement for our new house since we have not closed on it yet. Well, when I got to the school they told me that I could not register them without a mortgage statement. I was not a very happy camper. They told me to stop by the school board and see if they would make an exception. No was the answer I got at the school board. I called Kurt and told him about how aggravated I was by all the this and I came home. About a half hour after I got home Kurt called me to tell me that they would let me register so off I went, back to the school to fill out mounds of paperwork, but it was done. The children are now registered for school thanks to my wonderful husband who would not take no for an answer.

Thursday was not such a good day. I was not feeling well so A missed gymnastics.

Friday I started getting either a horrible head cold or allergies. I am really not sure which it was, but I was not feeling well at all.

Saturday I took K, A and 5 of their cousins to see The Smurfs as part of K's birthday. It was a really good movie. We all laughed a lot. Then we came back to the house for cake and ice cream.

Sunday was a good day at church. I do enjoy our new church even though I am not really connecting with anyone there yet. Everyone is very nice, but with me being busy with the children it is hard to take time to get together with people.

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