Saturday, August 13, 2011

Days 154 - 159 in South Dakota

This week has been a crazy one. The days have blurred into each other so I am not even going to try to separate them at this point.
This is bike week at Sturgis. Bike week is a pretty big deal around here and you will not believe the number of motorcycles there are everywhere you look. For the most part the traffic hasn't been horrible, but there is definitely a difference. The girls were having fun counting the number of bikes they would see when we left the house to go somewhere. They quit after the first few days because they would have counted more than 200 toward the end of the week. That would be more than 200 motorcycles seen on a 20 minute or so drive. That is a lot of bikes. It is kind of neat to see all the different styles of bikes, but I must say that I will be happy when they are gone.
Also we have been dealing with trying to close on our house in NC this week. We were supposed to close yesterday (Friday) but now we will be lucky to close on Tuesday. I pray that we do and that no other unexpected things come up. It has been quite a stressful time the last couple of weeks and the next couple look to be same. We are due to close on our house here on Wednesday. Please pray that nothing happens to cause a delay.

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