Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days 163 - 165 in South Dakota = We bought a house in SD!!!

Thursday was a very busy day. The girls went to spend the night at my SIL's. They love spending time with their cousins. I took the boys shopping for school clothes. We bought the children new mattresses for their beds and had a final walk through at our new house.
Friday I took the girls to their new schools to meet their teacher's. Then we closed on our new house. Boy did I have a hand cramp after signing all those papers. Geesh! But what a good feeling to know that we are no longer connected to our NC house and now have a house here. We will be spending the next week or more getting everything moved from this house to our new one. The army will be delivering all of our stuff from storage on the 29th. School starts Tuesday. Boy are we going to be busy!!!!
Saturday the girls and I took C to work in the morning and then went school shopping. First clothes, then supplies. I am so glad that chore is done. I think the children are all looking forward to school starting. Kurt and I then went to the furniture store to buy the girls new bunk beds since they will be sharing a room. We ran some other errands and finally got home in the evening.

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