Friday, September 2, 2011

Days 169-173 in South Dakota

Wednesday through Friday were pretty busy days. I would get up in the morning and take the children to school across town since we are still not moved into our new house. Then I would go to the house and drop off a few things that we had loaded into the van the night before. After that I would go back to the temporary house and load up the van again, then drop off that stuff at the new house before picking up the children from school.
We are having some adjustment issues but there is a lot going on right now. Hopefully things will calm down soon.
Friday night and Saturday J and K went camping with the church youth group. They had a nice time.
Saturday we spent the day loading the vehicles with the last of the stuff from our temporary house. We spent 6 months in this house and were very blessed to have the opportunity to stay there. After unloading everything at the new house we then needed to go back and clean and load up the animals. They knew something was going on and they were a bit nervous. But we got them all moved to our new house without any problems.
Sunday was my day to help in the children's department. I ended up getting sick and was not much help. Most of the day I was not feeling well but we were trying to get the house ready for the movers to come with all of our stuff that had been in storage for the past 6 months.

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