Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Days 196 -203 in South Dakota

Tuesday the 20th started out a pretty normal day. We had an early dinner because Kurt had to leave for a meeting at the church. Just after he left A came into the house crying. She was holding her chin and when she took her hand away I saw that she had split her chin wide open. I got her a rag to put on it and off we went to the ER. This was the second trip to the ER in 8 days. She ended up with 6 stitches across her chin. She was so brave. I am so proud of my sweet little girl.
Wednesday I took the children to youth group at the church and attended a new bible study. Oh boy, is this going to be a good study. I am really looking forward to getting going with this study.
The rest of the week was pretty good. A didn't want to go to gymnastics because she was worried about her stitches. We had a guy come in to work on C's room. All that is left to do is paint, put the ceiling in, and put the carpet in. C will have a finished room soon!!!
Saturday the girls and I went downtown for the Pumpkin Festival. It was a nice day with a warm breeze and we enjoyed walking around. We met my SIL and her girls there. When we first got there A was the only one in costume. She got a lot of compliments. She was representing North Carolina as a southern belle.
 She was happy when her cousins got there and were in costume.
 Then when it was time for the costume parade, there were lots of kids in costume.
Sunday was a nice day. After church we came home and relaxed before Kurt and I left for our Sunday small group.
Monday came and went without much notice. Tuesday after school I took A to have her stitches out. Again, she did amazingly well. She is such a brave little girl.

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