Monday, October 24, 2011

Days 214 -230 in South Dakota

Saturday, October 8th through Monday, October 24th. We are still settling into a routine. There is always something new to add to the schedule that makes things a little more hectic.
My baby girl turned 8 on the 10th. We scheduled a party at her favorite place right now. . . the gym where she does gymnastics. We invited her gymnastics class and her cousins. They had a blast running around the gym and playing on all the equipment. I think A enjoyed her special day.

K and A were playing in their room one day and heard a strange noise. They went outside and saw about 100 geese flying in multiple V formations. K was amazed by this and came to get me. I tried to get some pictures but the camera would not cooperate. It was a great opportunity to explain to the girls that the geese were flying south for the winter. We have now seen this three different times. That is a lot of geese!!
The weather has gotten a lot cooler. It still is warming up quite a bit in the afternoon but the mornings are down right cold. Kurt keeps telling me that this is not cold, but to me in that moment it IS cold. I finally turned on the heat in the house. I do have it set to what I think is pretty low, but still comfortable at 68. I am curious though to what others set their heat to in the winter. 
I have also been trying to get some crocheting done. I started a new project. Visit my craft blog by clicking the caption on the picture below to find out about it.
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