Monday, December 5, 2011

Days 231-273 in South Dakota

Tuesday, October 25th through Monday, December 5th.
Sickness, sickness, sickness!! That is what we have been dealing with in our home for the past month. Everyone in the house has been sick at least once, some more than once. I will be so happy when everyone is feeling better and healthy again.

We have had some snow, some really cold days, and some really nasty wind the last few weeks. The boys got to shovel snow for the first time in their lives. They will be pro's before long. We have also had some days with temps in the 50's. Let me tell you, those are wonderful days. Today it is 9 degrees outside. Not much fun to get out in. We are trying to get used to dressing in layers. It is going to be a long winter. But we will survive. :)

Thanksgiving started out great and went downhill after some family drama that kind of ruined the day. :( I had high hopes that the first holiday dinner hosted in our new house would be a wonderful memory. It just wasn't meant to be. :(

We have all our Christmas decorations up and it is looking quite festive in our home. I went out yesterday and got some shopping done for extended family. I know it is going to be a hard holiday knowing that I am so far away from my family in PA. It will probably be some time before I can get back to see them.

This is kind of a bummer of a post. Reading through it, it feels so negative, but I really don't mean it to be. I am truly thankful for everyone and everything that God puts in my path. Even when things happen that I really don't enjoy.  :)

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