Saturday, May 21, 2011

Days 74 & 75 in South Dakota

Friday, after I went to physical therapy, Kurt and I went to look at a couple of houses. One was really great from the outside. Nice driveway with a basketball hoop for the boys. Great yard!! Goodness I loved the yard. Is was a much older home and had a lot of great things about it, however the things that weren't good could not be fixed so that was not the house for us. Then we looked at a much newer home. It had potential, but it still had things that we would need to change so I don't think that it was the one for us either. We will just keep looking. After all, we still haven't sold our home in North Carolina so we really aren't ready to buy one here.

Today was a good day, even though it rained most of the day. This afternoon we took a drive through Hill City, past Mount Rushmore, and through Keystone then back home. We stopped in Hill City and looked in some shops. Then had a treat at Dairy Queen. Any day is a great day when ice cream is involved. : )
This evening K and I went to a Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party Event. It was really great to get out and have this quality time with my almost 12 year old. I am so proud of her for knowing what dressing modestly means. I pray as she goes through her teenage years she will continue to dress in a way that glorifies God and not give in to what society thinks is acceptable.

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