Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Days 76 - 79 in South Dakota

Sunday was a good day at church. We worked on community service projects then had a nice lunch at the church. In the afternoon we went to Kurt's aunt's and uncle's house for a Graduation Party for his cousins daughter. It was a nice time spent with family.
Monday I went to physical therapy. We had a pretty quite day. Kurt went to the orthopedic surgeon and came home with a cast for his broken thumb. A had gymnastics in the evening.
Tuesday I was not feeling well at all. I missed out on going to the gym. :( We had a relaxing evening. I got some crocheting done. I got a request from a friend from high school to make her a blanket. I still have to finish A's blanket, but since I have a deadline for the other one I have had to put hers away for a little bit.
Wednesday I went back to PT. One more day for me, then C gets to start. Looks like they will get to know our family really well. The children will go to youth group tonight. They only have one more week of Wednesday night youth then they take a break for the summer. The children look forward to going every week so I am sure they are not at all thrilled about not having it all summer.

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