Monday, July 4, 2011

Days 117 - 118 in South Dakota

Saturday was a fun day. Kurt and I took the girls to Old McDonald's Farm. The girls had a lot of fun petting the animals. A was a bit frightened by some of the goats but she really liked the rabbits. K is such an animal lover that she didn't have a problem with any of the animals.

Saturday night my boys came home from CIY in Durango, CO. They were only gone a week but I think J grew three inches while he was gone. I am so happy to have my boys home. I am thankful that they both enjoyed it and had a safe trip.
Sunday afternoon we had some family pics done. This is the first time that Kurt, his two brothers and his sister and all our families have had pictures taken together. There were 17 of us. We went to a local lake. It was a warm day but the photographer was very nice and worked well with us. I hope the pictures turn out nice.

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