Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating Our New House

 Here is our tree. The cats love to play under it, so the tree skirt is always a mess.
 Here you can see some of Kurt's eagle collection.
 This is tree number two of three. We used to put a tree outside on our porch when we lived in North Carolina, but the winds are so extreme here that it would not last long if we put it outside.

 I have not had a place to display my Christmas village in several years, so I made sure that I reserved a space for it this year. I put this one up. . .
 Katie put this one up.
I love my "Merry Christmas" board that my Aunt made me. It is reversible so I can leave it up all year.
 I really like snowmen. I have collected many of them over the years.

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Brenda said...

Looks very festive! Love the snowmen too!